Contributing Photos

The Apex Cougar Club is always looking for photos from the various games and matches Apex competes in. If you would like to contribute photos to the Cougar Club, there are several options.

The Cougar Club recommends and uses Flickr to host photos and integrate them with the Cougar Club web site. There are several advantages to using Flickr versus other photo services (e.g. Shutterfly, Picassa, Dropbox, etc.):

  1. Flickr offers 1TB of storage for free (which is a ton of photo storage).
  2. Flickr allows downloading of photos in their original resolution as well as a number of other sizes.
  3. Flickr offers bulk downloading solutions do gathering up a collection of pictures for a banquet or other event is fairly easy.
  4. Flickr has very good mobile apps for both IOS and Android.
  5. Flickr is integrated with iPhoto (Mac) and Adobe Photoshop Elements among others for easy bulk uploading.

The Apex Cougar Club website can display photo collections from any Flickr user eliminating the need to upload the photos a second time or share accounts.  If you are interested in contributing photos, please contact the Cougar Club and we’ll help you get your photos up on the website so others can view them too.

If you don’t want to use Flickr but still would like to contribute your photos, please contact the Cougar Club and we’ll work out arrangements to get copies of your photos so we can upload them to the Cougar Club’s Flickr account.