Pinning Victory

       6 feet tall. 280 pounds. 4th in the State of North Carolina in high school Wrestling. First impressions would never reveal that Jovan Jarrett began the sport he now dominates to appease his best friend’s daily harassment.
      “[My best friend] told me every single day that I should wrestle with him, so I finally came to a practice, and the next thing I knew I was on Varsity and I fell in love,” reminisces Jarrett. “We always joke about it- I really wasn’t going to do it.”
      Jarrett discovered his passion as a freshman at the home of the Imps, and now leads the Cougars’ wrestling team as a senior. Jarrett speculates that when people first meet him outside of wrestling they fondly think, “ohhh, Jovan, so bubbly and happy.” The mat is a separate universe.
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       “The aggression is my favorite part of wrestling,”  admits Jarrett. “During practice, if my drill partner gets hurt, I’ll just grab someone else and start wrestling with them.”
       Wrestling is intense. Practices are tough, physically and mentally. Sometimes “two-a-days” consume Jovan’s time. Last year, Jarrett “didn’t wrestle a lot because [he] started off with a concussion, and then it moved to [his] ankle, and then it was [his] shoulder, and then it was [his] elbow, and then the season was over.” Listening to his tales of injury and wrestling intensity, I had trouble comprehending how he remains motivated.
       “Two people are going to walk on that mat, and only one person is going to win, so why not let it be you” rationalizes Jarrett. Evidently, wrestling success requires more than a weekly one-hour practice and a dash of pixie dust. Jarrett’s weeks are not spent like much of consumerist America: indoors, inhaling pints of mint-chocolate chip ice-cream, catching up on the latest season of The Walking Dead. “If you want to be successful in wrestling, going to practice isn’t just what it takes,” explains Jarrett.
        So what does it take? Jarrett mapped out his typical weekday for me: “I usually get up, go to the gym, maybe go running, maybe lift weights. Then I go to school. Then I go to practice where we have drills and then running. Then I have to go to work, or the nights I don’t work I go to another practice. [I] have to also watch what [I] eat, go to the gym and sprint a mile, or lift. It’s what you do off the mat and on the mat.”
       Weight is not taken lightly in wrestling. In Jarrett’s words, “You can not even be .01 pounds over your weight class at a match.” Jarrett’s Saturdays are often spent traveling the East Coast, leaving trails of pinned competitors in his wake. Consequently, Saturday night is everyone’s “cheat day”. Jarrett laughed that “[On Saturday] people are always choking down food, and Monday suddenly [they] realize [they] have to lose a bunch of weight again.”
       While we spend our evenings trying to forgive ourselves for surrendering to the last slice of triple chocolate-pie, wrestlers are desperately working to lose the last pounds before match day. “Some people who are [a few] pounds over the day before a match have to do a bunch of running, and go to multiple practices”, admitted Jarrett. “And you CAN’T EAT. Not even water. It weighs a lot too.”
       Amazingly, he is still in love with the sport. “I want to do wrestling as long as I possibly can”, asserts Jarrett. “This year actually I decided that I want to be a coach. When I came to Apex people asked me for advice [about wrestling] and it actually benefited them. I want to be a coach because of that.”
      Jovan Jarrett: An Apex wrestling hero with the eye of the tiger, the heart of a teddy bear, and enough dedication to carry himself and his team to victories. Watch out.


Men Wrestling Senior Night

Our Cougars wrestled Green Hope to defeat on January 6th, taking the Apex Senior Night Might match 39-34.

Joe H and Abraham F were two standout performances of the evening, leading the team to wrestling dominance. Congrats boys!

Can’t Catch the Cats

At Apex High on September 25th, when the scoreboard screamed victory for the 2015 Varsity CAT Soccer team, Cougar Crazies swarmed the field in a triumphant frenzy. Senior Sean McMurray recalls “pure ecstasy”, and “completely amazement” in the moment that the team conquered the cup. The boys sprinted to centerfield, “dog [piling] on Corey [Vodicka] because he had an incredible game”.

After the Wake County Cup, Senior Cole Pena prophesized that the team would “possibly win Conference”. This proved true at the completion of their regular season, with a final defeat of Middle Creek. CAT Soccer Varsity finished their regular season last Thursday with 19 wins, 1 loss, and 1 tie. Senior Josh Foss explained that “the captains set four goals at the beginning of the year; the first one being the Wake County Cup, second being Conference, and last one State Championships.” Achieving victory in the first two goals, the team will now attack playoffs, hoping for a possible State title in their future.

As we look forward towards playoffs, there is a difficult road ahead for the boys. A single defeat means that they’re out for the year. However, Senior Patrick Bailey fearlessly describes that “[They] are taking things game by game… and are ultimately capable of winning States”.

The extraordinary chemistry that the team has is undeniable. “We are a really tight group on and off the field and when we [play] you can know that the guy next to you is going to give 110%”, described Senior Matt Grieco. “This year really is different…every single person knows the other players’ strengths.”

Current Cougars, parents, and alumni alike: Come support your Jort-loving, game winning CAT Varsity Soccer Team in their fight for the State Title. Our boys have something different this year, and we all should be a part of it.

Vertimax Fundraiser Goal Achieved!

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Update:  Goal achieved!  Thank you to the generous families and friends who have helped the Apex Basketball teams reach their goal.  Coach Bristol is in the process of procuring the VertiMax systyem and players should begin training with it soon!


You can learn more about the Vertimax and the Apex Basketball fundraising effort here on the Cougar Club web site.


Vertimax Fundraiser Update

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The Apex High basketball is a little over halfway toward their goal of raising enough money to purchase the VertiMax system. With off season basketball workouts ramping up, Coach Bristol and Coach Neal would like to purchase the VertiMax system soon so it can help their teams this season.

Please consider making a tax deductible donation to your Apex HS Basketball progreams.  Thank you to the Apex families who have already donated to this effort.

You can learn more about the Vertimax and the Apex Basketball fundraising effort here on the Cougar Club web site.