Patron Artwork Resources

Apex Cougar Club Patrons enjoy prominent placement of their advertisements in the Apex Cougars Stadium and on the Apex Cougar Club website, which is smartphone-friendly and can be used like an app.  In order to ensure proper representation of your business, please submit the following material based on your sponsorship level.  All artwork should be submitted to

The Cougar Club prefers to receive camera-ready or “ready-to-use” artwork. This is artwork that is considered “finished” when it is received in the proper sizes and format and requires no further editing by the Apex Cougar Club. Ads received from our patrons in “finished” form are placed on our website within minutes of receiving them.

Beginning with the 2019-20 school year, we will offer Peak Patrons the option of choosing a leaderboard ad, which is placed at the top of our website above the menu bar. The leaderboard specs are 728×90 pixels, and it looks like this:

Peak Patrons can also have their ad placed in our right rail, where they are now. The right rail tile ad specs are 400×500 pixels, and it looks like this:

If your organization does not have the capability of providing “finished” artwork, we may be able to help.  There is a $100 optional artwork fee for Patrons who are unable to provide “finished” artwork. This fee allows the Cougar Club to have a freelance designer turn whatever is provided into the “finished” artwork we need for the website. The Apex Cougar Club does not make any money creating this artwork, the $100 fee merely covers the cost of having a designer complete the work.

Peak Cougar Patron

  • 728×90 pixels leaderboard ad that appears on the Cougar Club home page and our Current Patrons page with both ads linking to your business. Optional 500×400 right rail tile ad that also links to your business
  • 8’x3′ stadium banner.
  • 16-foot feather banner.

Gold Cougar Patron

Black Cougar Patron

  • 728×90 pixels website ad that appears on our Current Patrons page and links to your business. (This size can vary somewhat. A horizontal logo typically works best.)
  • 8’x3′ stadium banner.


The following Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop templates can be used as starting points for creating artwork compliant with the Apex Cougar Club stadium and website.


Feather Banner


These web ad sizes can usually be scaled to fit into the rotating ad boxes. We will let you know if we have any issues with the image you provide.

The Cougar Club can accept most file formats.  Please ensure that your artwork is the proper size and resolution.

  • Stadium Banners:
    • Full size (8’x3′) 100 DPI minimum resolution, 150 DPI preferred
    • Preferred format:  PDF, EPS, Adobe Illustrator, TIFF, Photoshop PSD, or SVG
    • Alternate:  High resolution JPG or PNG
  • Web Site Ad:
    • 72 DPI minimum resolution, 150-200 DPI preferred
    • Preferred:  Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop PSD, PDF, EPS, or SVG
    • Alternate:  High resolution TIFF, JPG or PNG
    • Target URL to redirect to when clicked

Note:  Non-vector based art (also know at bitmaps — PNG, JPG, GIF are all bitmap based) does not scale up very well so your small image cannot be used for printing a stadium banner. Stadium banners either need to be vector based or provided in their finished size.

All artwork should be submitted to