Basketball VertiMax Fundraiser

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Update:  Goal achieved!  Thank you to the generous families and friends who have helped the Apex Basketball teams reach their goal.  Coach Bristol is in the process of procuring the VertiMax systyem and players should begin training with it soon!

The Apex High basketball program is always striving to improve the development of their athletes. To enhance the current training program, the Apex basketball programs would like to purchase the VertiMax training machine.

What is the VertiMax?



The VertiMax training program is the leading vertical jump and speed training system and is currently being used at other high schools with great success. You can learn more about the Vertimax on their web site or watching the video below:

According to Coach Bristol, head coach of the Apex Women’s team:

“The Vertimax can be a game changing piece of training equipment for our program. I have known several players who have made amazing stride while using it, and I have tried it myself. We could train up to 5 players at a time. It provides a quick intensive workout to address a wide variety of basketball / strength drills.”

All Apex basketball coaches will be trained on how to use the VertiMax – training is included in the purchase price.

The Apex HS basketball programs need to raise $3,500 to purchase the Vertimax system In order to do that, we are opening up a tax-deductible donation program for both the women’s and men’s basketball teams.

Actually, anyone can donate so hit up the grandparents and/or alumni families.Our goal is to raise $3,500, quickly. That is just 35 $100 donations – completely doable!!


Donate Online

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Encourage Others to Donate!

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That is the easiest and fastest way to help Apex Basketball is to donate online. Receipts will be issued immediately upon submission of your donation. Receipts for donations submitted by will be mailed to you.

Please give your tax deductible donation strong consideration. The basketball program investment has been very light in the last few years and is desperately in need of a boost. Your contribution is greatly appreciated and considered a long term investment in the training and competitiveness of the Apex Basketball program.

The Apex HS basketball programs would like to thank the Apex Cougar Club for their assistance on this project!