Because we still do not have a Concessions VP and/or two assistants in place, concessions during spring sports will be open on a LIMITED basis—only when we have sufficient parent volunteers signed up and a board member available to open and close the stand.

We are looking for a three-person team with one person serving as VP and the other two as assistants. If you’ve been thinking of signing up for one of these three positions, NOW is the time. We are in DIRE need of concessions volunteers on a Board Member level. This is a separate need from concessions volunteers for individual games.

The money we raise by selling concessions is very important because it goes into our general fund, which supports ALL athletic teams at Apex High School. As we prepare to move back to our home campus this summer, we will need funds to pay for equipment and other expenses on our newly renovated campus.

If you’re interested, please email Thank you in advance!

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