2018 Homecoming Dance FAQs

The 2018 Apex High School Homecoming Dance is Saturday, Oct. 6, from 7 to 10 p.m. We’re excited to present an evening “Under the Stars” for students to enjoy! Share your pictures using the hashtag #apexhoco2018 so we can reshare/repost on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. We may also make a Snapchat collage! Here are some answers to commonly asked questions about this year’s dance.

  1. What is the dress code?
  2. Are corsages or boutonnieres suggested or required?
    No, these are not required; only optional. If you would like to wear one, no problem. And if not, that’s fine, too!
  3. How much do tickets cost and what is included in each ticket?
    Tickets cost $20/person. Each ticket includes admission to the dance, snacks,  ice cream and a bottle of water. Sodas will also be sold for $1 each.
  4.  Where can I purchase my ticket(s)?
    Tickets will be sold during both lunches every day leading up to the dance. We are also selling tickets at the door. We prefer cash, but if you need to pay via credit or debit card, we can accommodate you.
  5. In what ways can I pay for my ticket(s)?
    You can pay cash (preferred), write a check to “Apex Cougar Club” or pay via debit card.
  6. If I want to bring a date/friend who attends a high school other than Apex High, is that OK?
    Yes, you will just need to have your date/friend download and fill out this form, then have it signed by his/her high school administrator. Note: You can not show up at the dance with an out-of-school date and no form. You will need to plan ahead to have the form signed by your friend/date’s administrator. We will match the names of all who have purchased tickets up to our list as you come through the admissions table.
  7. Can I bring a date who is not in high school?
    No, only high school-aged students who attend school are allowed to come.
  8. Will there be a photo booth/area for students to take pictures?
    Yes, a photo backdrop area will be provided but photo-taking will be up to the students.
  9. Will there be a DJ?
    Yes, we have a DJ attending to spin your favorite tunes!
  10. Is there a drop-off/pick-up area for students who are not driving to the dance?
    Yes, the carpool drop-off area in front of the school will be available for this.

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