Wendy’s Cross Country Invitational Results and Photos

Yesterday, Saturday Oct. 7, 2017, the Apex High School Cross Country team competed in the Wendy’s Cross Country Invitational at McAlpine Greenway Park in Charlotte.

Apex High School had runners in 5 of the races.  There were great finishes by all involved but some notable results are listed below.

Girls Invitational Race:

Apex Girls Team – 9th place of 29 teams
Senior Calli Parlier (18:29.6) led the team and finished 6th overall of 196 runners.


Boys Invitational Race:

Apex Boys Team – 10th place of 31 teams.
Senior David Cart (16:16.3) led the team and finished 18th overall of  211 runners.


Boys Junior/Senior Race:

Senior Bobby Gunshefski (17:26.3) finished 2nd of 292 runners.
Junior Simon Griggs (17:36.6) finished 6th of 292.


Boys Freshman/Sophmore Race

Sophomore Emmett Lynch (17:19.9) finished 5th of 634 runners.


Girls JV Race

Senior Stacia Mavrides (21:21.7) finished 21st of 587 runners.
(No photo available.)